Skeleton Key Publishing, LLC is a private press, specializing in the publication and distribution of electronic books (hereafter known as “ebooks”). Founded in 2011, Skeleton Key Publishing produces high quality and imaginative speculative fiction with a special interest in Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, and Romance of nearly all subgenres.

The company was founded by two avid readers with high standards and big ideas. After years spent learning how to navigate the publishing industry, they realized that the only thing stopping them from achieving their dreams was themselves. Together, they’ve launched a publisher that has seen consistent success and produced bestselling results.

Every book is a different world and it is Skeleton Key Publishing’s firm belief that the best way to celebrate literature is to show readers where to find the key. We aim to inform our readers, to celebrate with them, and to help define our genres with quality fiction. No author is too small and no niche too obscure.  Let’s celebrate what we do.

As of 2012, Skeleton Key Publishing books can be purchased from a wide variety of electronic distributors. The company works with a variety of partners and also produces print books. In the near future, the company hopes to launch a success line of boxed sets and anthologies.