Book Genre: Fantasy

Before Midnight

Before Midnight


A ferocious warrior and dedicated prince, Etienne has protected his kingdom with tooth and claw his entire life. Now he’s going to lose it all. A witch’s “blessing” is stealing the beast from within him, dooming him to become a human by the next full moon. Despair and futile rage threaten to destroy him, until he discovers the key to his salvation in a young beauty whose gentle nature coaxes him back from the brink.


A bitter survivor of a surprise attack by a loup garou, Loupe fights a daily battle against the monstrous beast inside her. Constantly tempted by dark urges, she bears her stepfamily’s cruelty with gritted teeth, hiding the truth of what she is behind a mask of obedience and cowardice. Then she meets a man who threatens her control—a prince with a ravenous hunger in his eyes that calls to her, human and beast alike…


A grand ball will bring them together, but if Loupe is going to get the kiss she wants, she must face the darkness inside her long enough to give Etienne the bite he needs.

And she needs to do it before her bloodthirsty stepfamily hunts them down and slaughters them both…

April 30, 2017

One Bite

One Bite


Kirill is a vampire prince plotting to be a vampire king. Contract by contract, he cements the alliances he needs, fueling negotiations with blood and blackmail. It’s a slow and painstaking process—until he inadvertently rescues a woman beloved by all, a woman who could garner him all the good will he needs. But saving the dark-haired beauty’s life is not enough to put him in her good graces. If he wants her help, he’ll have to suppress the wicked urges she inspires in him, and bargain as he’s never bargained before.


Irina will not cower. Not from an evil sorceress, and not from the scheming vampire prince whose fangs threaten her with death even as his lips raise the heated desire of her bloodline. With a dagger at the ready, she agrees to a bargain — her aid in his pursuit of political alliances with creatures beyond the veil in return for a reduction in the royal tithe her people are forced to pay the crown. If only sharp fangs and a sharp tongue weren’t such an incendiary combination…


The vampire’s past is not so eager to let him go. Kirill’s kiss has sealed Irina’s fate. To save her, the vampire prince will have to decide between the power he wants…and the woman he needs.

April 30, 2017

Golden Stair

Golden Stair


Bound by a divine vow, the demon prince Adonis is forbidden from seeking the one thing he wants most—true love. Resigned to his fate, he hides his pain behind a cryptic smile and a puff of smoke, carrying on with his carnal pursuits of the flesh as his heart dies a little more with every passing lover. Then he meets a woman with the power to save him—but it will cost her her life.


Ivy has lived alone with her mother, locked away from the rest of the world, for her entire life. When a devastatingly handsome demon brings her isolation to a sudden and dramatic end, it takes only one searing kiss to shatter Ivy’s world. Now she’s desperate to see what else is out there, to have a life beyond the tiny existence she’s led so far.  But if she leaves, there will be no going home. And the demon is clear about what he can offer her…and what he can’t.


An evil witch does not willingly give up the power she’s spent a lifetime building, and Ivy’s mother is ready to do whatever it takes to keep her daughter home. Despite the danger, Adonis and Ivy are drawn together like phoenixes to flame—and if they’re not careful, they’ll both burn.

April 30, 2017

Divine Scales


Patricio, angelic prince of Meropis, is a ruthless executioner. Armed with an enchanted sword, he slays the criminals of his kingdom, tattooing their crimes on their flesh and drinking the darkness from their souls. With blood on his hands and ice in his heart, he should strike terror in the hearts of those who witness him performing his terrible rites—but he doesn’t. The sister of one of his victims cursed him, assuring that the family of every sinner would sing his praises, heap love and affection on him as they thanked him for killing their kin. When the sadistic curse sours the first hint of romance Patricio has had in years, he leaves behind the sensual mermaid and resigns himself to a lonely fate …only to be shocked when she bargains for the legs to follow him.


Marcela’s world has been turned upside-down–literally. Once a proud member of her father King Triton’s royal guard, she’s now the victim of an angel’s curse. Enchanted into false adoration bordering on obsession, she traded her tail–and her voice– for the legs she needed to pursue the object of her desire. In a cruel twist of fate, the very magic that gave her the means to pursue her passion also broke the spell that caused it. Now the rose-colored glasses are off, and Marcela’s seeing red.


He’s used to spell-induced affection and she’d been burned once before. Passion infuses the air between them, but how can they trust their desire when so much magic has muddied the waters?

April 30, 2017

Beautiful Salvation


A hundred years ago, Saamal turned his back on his lover, threw her away for the promise of a new bride who would double his power. In retribution, the scorned goddess cursed his would-be wife, doomed her to die before they could be married. Saamal was forced to give up half his power to save her, and even at his best was only able to turn death to sleep. Now he is no longer all-powerful, and his land suffers with his fall from power. He can only wait at the beside of his sleeping fiancé, hoping that an otherworldly benefactor and the new allies she’s brought him can somehow help him break the spell.


Aiyana is the fiancé of the god of death—but she doesn’t know it. Plagued by nightmares of a different world and a growing darkness inside her, she finally flees her the protection of her castle in a desperate bid for answers. What she learns changes everything. The handsome stranger with the bottomless black eyes speaks of a curse, promises that a kiss is the only way to break the spell and return her to the real world. But his reputation precedes him. And the god of death is not to be trusted.


The land is bound to its royal family—and its god. Saamal isn’t the only one who’s been starving. If he can’t wake Aiyana soon, if he can’t fulfill the prophecy and get his power back, the land is going to take matters into its own hands. If they are going to save their kingdom, Aiyana and Saamal have to overcome the past and succumb to the connection that binds them together—body and soul.

April 30, 2017

Dead to Begin With

The Vampire Prince of Dacia does not take the holiday off. . .

Kirill needs more gold to finance his newest attempt at an alliance. Unfortunately, the Winter Solstice holiday looms before him—a time when production mysteriously falls. The only solution is to visit the mines himself, make certain the dwarves are mining as diligently as they can. The most illogical course of action in the world would be to…give them the day off.

A Winter Solstice miracle. . .

Irina does not take no for an answer–certainly not from her husband. She has big plans for a Winter Solstice dinner with their friends, and Kirill will be there whether he likes it or not. Still, though she can make sure his body is there, Irina knows forcing his heart to be in it is not so simple. But how do you get a vampire into the Winter Solstice spirit?

Three ghosts. . .

The ghosts of Winter Solstice Past, Present, and Future are not ones to shy away from a challenge. They can take any form they like, show any creature the error of their ways. If they have to work through the day instead of in the dark of night, then so be it. And who cares if this particular soul in need of saving just so happens to be…Dead to Begin With?

April 30, 2017

What Big Teeth You Have

The Vampire Prince of Dacia is attempting a new alliance. . .

Kirill’s newest attempt at an alliance to solidify his power base is a demoness with naughty intentions. When the vampire prince turns down her lustful advances, she offers him one more chance to earn her signature on his contract–deliver a care package to the demoness’ dear old grandmother. And on the way, destroy the wolf that has been terrorizing the dark forest. A simple task for a vampire as powerful as Kirill. But a demoness is still a woman at heart…

Red Riding Hood. . .

Red clothing is a necessity if one wants to avoid the tedium of the bloodstains that come with being the wife of a vampire–nicknames be damned. Besides, Irina is only too happy to bring a splash of color to the dark forest as she accompanies her husband on an errand. Despite her husband’s concerns for her safety, Irina has no intention of letting him go off alone on a demoness’ quest–especially a demoness with Dizona’s…appetites.

One bite. . .

A magic spell takes both Kirill and Irina by surprise. Getting to know the Big Bad Wolf inside and out is no picnic. But for Dacian royals with the connections of Irina and Kirill, one bite will be the last straw for the Big Bad Wolf…

April 30, 2017

Blood Prince Series Boxed Se..

Cinderella’s prince is a werewolf with a secret in BEFORE MIDNIGHT. A Machiavellian vampire tangles with Snow White in ONE BITE. And in GOLDEN STAIR, Rapunzel’s first taste of the outside world is a rakish incubus wearing a mischievous grin–and little else. These are not your typical Prince Charmings…which is good, because these ladies aren’t your average princesses either.

April 30, 2017

Blue Voodoo


Ten years ago, Julian seduced a voodoo queen.

Dominique is a voodoo queen respected by all, feared by some. Second only to the royal family in influence, she has worked her entire life to get where she is. The last thing she wants is for the man who’d shared her one wild night of youthful indiscretion to waltz off his ship and back into her life. Despite his devilish smile and proposal that’s ten years too late, she’s determined to send him on his way by any means necessary.

If only he weren’t so terribly persistent.

If only the blue beard she’d cursed him with all those years ago didn’t remind her of that night of passion.

If only he’d told her about the three dead wives buried on his land…

April 30, 2017

The Archer

A master of lies seeking the truth…

Robin is a sidhe whose glamour is unrivaled. More than mere visual illusions, he creates phantasms that smell real, sound real, feel real. A notorious trickster with an attention span even shorter than his temper, he spends his time haunting the forests of the kingdom with his merry band of misfits, robbing anyone who enters the woods with more gold than good sense. Redistributing the wealth to the less fortunate has given him a hero’s reputation, a novelty that helps to stave off the boredom he detests so passionately. But now something—or, rather, someone—has snared his attention…

A huntress in hiding…

Marian wants to be left alone. Alone without the gardener’s constant nagging about her lack of care for her lands, alone without the company of the narcissistic men who won’t take no for an answer, and alone without the infuriating fey who’s harder to lose than a bad cold. She’d dispatch him herself if she wasn’t already under the weight of a four hundred pound eric for murder…

Gold changes hands, and Marian’s eric is paid with Robin’s gold, indebting her to him and roping her into his band of thieves. Will the sidhe discover her secret? Will he survive it if he does?

April 30, 2017